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Tech Portfolio

Scientific Impact

ADSC focus on upstream, basic research has fostered a wealth of publishing activities and honors providing for both high scientific and high potential economic impact. As of June 2014, ADSC has published over 300 conference and 175 journal articles. Additionally, we have twenty-one joint projects with other research centers and universities in Singapore and aspire to further our collaborations and integrations to maximize the mutual advantage.

ADSC's teams and research are world-class!

26 Best paper awards (13 prior to 2014)

  • Finalist, MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2014
  • 2014 ACM/IEEE ISPN Best Paper Award
  • 2014 WEB 2.0 W2SP Workshop Best Paper Award
  • ICPR 2014, IBM Best Student Paper Award
  • 10-Year Retrospective Most Influential Paper Award Nomination, IEEE/ACM ASPDA Conference, 2014
  • ICIP 2014, top 10% Paper Award-Synthesis and Rendering
  • ICIP 2014, top 10% Paper Award-Scene Analysis
  • IEEE MMSP 2014, top 10% Paper Award
  • W2SP 2014 Best Paper
  • ICNP14 Best Paper Award
  • Bell Labs Best Paper Award from Smart Data Pricing 2015 IEEE/ACM ICCAD Nomination 2015
  • QEST 2015, the 12th Int’l Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of Systems Best Paper Award
  • IEEE/ACM ASPDAC Nomination 2016

11 Competitions (9 prior to 2014)

  • ChaLearn 2014 Action Recognition Competition (ECCV 2014) 2nd
  • CVPR 2015 1st in Temporal Action Detection Task in the THUMOS Challenge

And more… (3 prior to 2014)

  • Best Reviewer Award at ICME 2014
  • Best Reviewer Award at CVPR 2014
  • Multimedia Rising Star by ACM, ACM Multimedia Conference
  • Keynote speech, IEEE International Conference on Anti-counterfeiting, Security, and Identification, 2014
  • Keynote speech, IEEE International Conference on ASIC, 2015
  • IEEE Fellow, 2014 (Prof. Minh Do)
  • IBM Faculty Award, 2014 (Prof. Deming Chen)
  • Distinguished Visiting Professor, 2015-2017, Fudan University, China (Prof. Deming Chen)
  • Donald Biggar Willett Faculty Scholar, College of Engineering, University of Illinois, 2015 (Prof. Deming Chen)
  • The 2014 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award from the China Computer Federation (CCF) (Jia Xu)
  • TCDE Early Career Award Honorable Mention  (Dr. Zhenjie Zhang)

Economic Impact

Since our inception, ADSC has:

  • facilitated 9 startups -- among them are: AutoScout, Dimension 5, and Ampotech
  • THREE provisional and ONE utility patents
  • EIGHTEEN IP licenses


ADSC is striving to foster deep collaborations with I2R in the areas of:

  • Data Analytics and Visualisation
  • Cyber(physical) security

Industry engagement with and through I2R are also priorities in this area.

12 Collaborations were forged with I2R, 3 external grants, 1 internal ETPL funded and 8 internal I2R funded collaborations.

4 additional collations were forged with other Singaporean institutions and ADSC has initiated a collaboration with leading Applied Health Science researchers at the University of Illinois in rehabilitation for fall prediction and prevention risk assessment.

Manpower Development

ADSC has rapidly grown to achieve a research staff size commensurable with the project research objectives. Our researchers and staff come from all over the world, which further assists in broadening and diversifying the pipeline for highly trained IT workers.

  • ADSC is a pipeline bringing world-class research talent to Singapore
    • Our technical staff hails from over 15 countries and 43 universities
    • 19 staff PRs; 8 applied for PR
  •  4 ADSC engineers and PhDs have moved on to positions at A*STAR
  • 8 researchers have moved on to industry positions
  • Graduate student development
    • AUIP: 3 students have graduated and are working within A*STAR / 3 students are currently enrolled
    • SINGA: 2 students have graduated / 8 students are currently enrolled
  • Additionally, many engineers have entered graduate programs in Singapore, the US or internationally
  • 6 researchers have gone onto faculty positions at Singaporean universitie
  • 9 researchers have gone onto faculty positions at international universities


Last updated: Nov 2015