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ADSC Research Themes: Data Visualization Subprogram

To understand what is going on around us in the natural world, we evolved to rely on our five senses and our ability to move and explore. But to understand what is happening in the cyber-physical world, which comprises the physical world and all of cyberspace, today's state-of-the-art technology still involves 2-dimensional data visualizations on flat computer screens.

For true situational awareness of the cyber-physical world, we instead need low-cost immersive interaction with three dimensions in real time, with support for vision, hearing, and touch. Such capabilities are not currently available, even in expensive high-end visualization systems like the CAVE, much less in devices available to a person walking down the street. By taking full advantage of each of these three human and computer senses, as well as the human brain’s ability to process information from multiple senses in parallel, our new 3S visualization paradigm (joint visual, auditory, and haptic presentation) will allow humans to quickly grasp much more complex situations than they can today, as effortlessly as humans can perceive the natural world.

Data Visualization Projects: